Tap into the Energy of Faith...

If there's anytime of year to tap into the energy of faith - this is it! Whenever I'm facing a situation that seems like just too much to take on, I set the inner intention: "I have a faith in Source Energy that is bigger than me and has the power to make my day and pave my way!" Such faith allows me to let go of all that entrepreneurial fear and anxiety and to tap into inspired ideas and action. This is my Winter Holiday wish for you ... to be able to release all the "stuff" that's got you bogged down and feel the weight of having to "make it all happen on your own" just slip away. You truly have the power to tap into that Inner Guidance which is YOU and allow it to ALIGN you with your greatest desires for 2009 - and always.

Magical Time of Year

This time of the year truly is such a magical time! So much potential is in the air ... I've been having so much fun just soaking it all up. It just reminds me how much we can create from a place of inspired joy. Here's a shot while ice skating at Bryant Park! And you can see more NYC Christmas photos below (including Santa(s!) on the Subway - that was a hoot!). Wishing you all the magic of the season, many blessings and more!

New York City Holiday Season Pictures...

Christmas Tree at the Metropolitan Museum of

Santa Is On the Subway!

And More Santas On the Subway!

Cascading Christmas Tree at Columbus and 64th

Holiday Festivities ...

Well, the year end holiday festivities have definitely kicked off! I'm so excited to see the New York City Ballet perform the Nutcracker this weekend at Lincoln Center ... and then next weekend the Winter Solstice Concert at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine ... and tons of yummy stuff in between! Here's a photo of me and my beautiful husband, Stephen, last night at our first holiday party of the Season. Be sure to pace yourself so you have time to peacefully celebrate the Season as you continue to create prosperity, ok?

Thanks-Giving Holiday

I celebrated a wonderful Thanks-Giving Holiday with my husband, Stephen; parents, Dennis and Sherry; Aunt Sue and Step-brother, Josh ... my husband and I surprised everyone with a gratitude gift of a beach house for a week next summer in South Carolina! They were all just a wee bit surprised, to say the least :) Hope you have started celebrating an amazing season of giving and gratitude, too!

More Pictures of Ojai and Ali Brown's Event!

Enjoy these pics from my recent travels!
With EnergyRICH ADV Group Coaching member Colleen Crook!

Ojai Beauty!

Ojai Morning!

With Fabienne Fredrickson at OSBW.

With Dr. Cindy Brown at Ali Brown's last ever OSBW.

Power Combination...

This has been quite the week. First I spent time opening my mind to receive some incredible marketing inspirations and inspired ideas for EnergyRICH Coaching at Ali Brown's Online Success Blueprint workshop in L.A. and then took time to open my heart in spiritual retreat in Ojai. Quite a power combination, I have to say. I'm aligned for '09! And excited to share it ALL with YOU!

Here I am with Ali Brown at her OSBW VIP Party ... great dancing and networking ... A LOT of FUN (my new intention going into 2009!)

And here I am on spiritual retreat in Ojai, California. This was such a great way to cellularly take in all I had learned peacefully(new intention #2 for 2009!)